“Summer Special”

Shared course for younger learners

Ideal for younger students who want to share their language homestay wuth one or two ther students of a different nationality. The course is for students who already have some english language learning experience.

Locations: Kent and Essex ( UK) and Dublin (Ireland)
Duration: 2-4 weeks
Ability: Elementary to advanced (A2-C1)
Maximum Class Size: 3 students
Lessons: 15 hours per week
Course Dates: Available in June-Aug
Age: 13-17

Students have 15 hours of lessons per week in a relaxed and friendly environment. Some younger students feel happier about sharing lessons in a teacher’s home.

In Kent and Essex there are many historic castles, medieval towns and cities, a lot of beaches and the beautiful countryside for students to enjoy in their free time. Dublin offers a great combination of historic architecture, castles, shops, museums and restaurants.

Host Teachers
Students stay with a friendly local host teacher family in Southern England or the Dublin area where they are welcomed as part of the family during their stay.

Shared Course
Sharing a course with other students of a different nationality is a very motivating way for younger students to learn.

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